We’re Finally Online

After many suggestions for blog names, we’ve decided on “Letters to Milo.” He approves. But we’d like to thank our friends Betsy, Rachel and Nathan for the runners-up for blog names:

  • If They Ask, We’re Canadian (Betsy)
  • Should You Be Petting That? (Nathan)
  • The One Eyed Cat Is Puking On Channing’s Pillow (Rachel)
  • Is This Poisionous? (Nathan)


Plans are finally starting to fall into place. We’ve had almost all of our shots and we’ve packed away most of our stuff. The itinerary is slowly coming together. Right now, the basic month-to-month plan up till early ‘09 is:

London (early July) –>Austria/Poland/Hunary/Romania/Macedonia (late July/early Aug) –>Uzbekistan/Kyrgyzstan/Kazakhstan (late Aug) –>Mongolia/Lake Baikal, Siberia (early Sept) –> China (late Sept/early Oct) –>Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia/Thailand/Malaysia (late Oct/Nov) –>Australia/New Zealand (Dec) –> India (Jan)

Of course, this schedule is definitely subject to change. We’re working on the flight and rail reservations and visa applications.

One thing we’re most excited about is the opportunity to do volunteering work while on our trip. We’ll post more about that as plans come together.

Thanks for all the support so far. It’s sure to be an incredible year and we’re thrilled that you all will be following our adventures.


CeCe & Mark


One response to “We’re Finally Online

  1. I am sooooo beyond jealous! Sure you don’t have extra room in your suitcase? I’m so truly happy and excited for you two- what a once in a lifetime adventure!!!
    Can’t wait to read more.
    Love, Suzi

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