Things I’ve learned in London

It’s bed time, but first I’d though I’d share a few things I’ve learned since arriving in London. Most were gleaned at a local pub’s trivia night on Monday. CeCe and I were frequent participants at the James Joyce’s pub trivia every Monday night in Baltimore’s Fells Point area, so it was I fun treat to continue it over here with my sister Jill and her husband Rob. Impressively, for a team with three Yankees, two of whom were jet-lagged, we placed third of ten, despite that the vast majority of questions covered quintessential British things like cricket, boy bands and dentistry. (I made that last one up.) Apparently, Rob spent most of his childhood glued to the TV and singing along to the Spice Girls catalog, so his knowledge carried the day.

Anyway, this is what I learned during our first 36 hours in London:

  1. Jeg lag isn’t so bad when you nap all day and then sleep for 12 hours interrupted at night.
  2. Boys aren’t supposed to drink Strongbow Cider in pubs.  It’s a girlie drink.  I had one anyway.
  3. There are many, mangy uban foxes prowling the streets of London. 10,000 of them, in fact
  4. What said urban foxes mate, they produce sounds oft-compared to children getting murdered. That’s according to my sister.  I was also surprised to learn that my sister knows what children getting murdered sounds like.  I must blame my mother. 
  5. There once was a popular UK children’s television show called Finger Bob, which featured a character so popular called Finger Mouse that it warranted a spin-off.   Yes, it was a finger puppet.  On national television.  According to Wikipedia, Finger Mouse “was a paper finger puppet in the form of a mouse, who would play various musical instruments…Fingermouse also went adventuring outside, interacting with other paper puppets.” 
    Here\'s a picture of Fingermouse

As for our own adventuring, we wandered around London on Tuesday, marvelling at the cool buses, historic architecture and high prices.    The highest price we saw someone pay was $24,388,764 – before buyer’s premium and VAT – for a painting by Antoine Watteau.  Jill works at Christie’s auction house and we were her guest at an evening auction of Old Master paintings.  To my surprise, I wasn’t the only one wearing sneakers, but I surely was the only one in attendance wearing the same clothes for the third day running.


3 responses to “Things I’ve learned in London

  1. CeCe and Mark – Sorry that we missed saying good-bye to you here in the U.S. Wishing you safe travels – with plenty of adventure and a little bit of trouble (because trouble equals really good stories!). We’ll be faithfully reading your updates. Lots of love, Sharon and Aaron

  2. Sounds like the trip is off to a great start. This blog is amazing. And yes, Strongbow is for girls but it probably beat the fare at the Famished Frog.

  3. You both are very humorous and each entry makes me laugh. I am really enjoying your trip so far!!!

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