Romania, Briefly

For fear of never getting to it, here’s a quick recap of our three days and one frantic night in Romania.  Most importantly, CeCe and I want to thank our Bucharest hostess, Lavinia Constantin, a remarkable woman who recently graduated from a university in Bucharest with a degree somewhere where economics and computer science overlap.   We met Lavinia on the train from Krakow to Brasov and were fast friends.  She and her cousinMady, a Romanian expat visiting from Paris, gave us a whirlwind tour of the main sights on Tuesday night.  Dispelling all of our negative misconceptions about the state of Romanian cuisine in just one evening, we ate like kings.  CeCe downed meat, and loads of it!

Prior to Bucharest, we spent a total of three days split between Brasov and Sinaia, in Romania’s Transylvania region.  Save your Dracula jokes – he didn’t make an appearance.  Rather, I was hoping to see one of Romania’s legendary bears.  No luck, although we did see plenty of what I’d like to believe was bear poop on the trails to the summit of the alpine mountain above the town.  The cable car gave us a boost and we were the first to make it to the summit that morning.  Hopefully, CeCe will work her techspert magic and add some documentary photos.  Until then, trust me when I say the views were breathtaking.

Prior to that, we met a fun English couple, Chris and Lucie, who boast something like 64 and 57 countries respectively.  (If you’re reading this, email us!) My count stands at 12 if you don’t count our recent train transits of Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria. We have some catching up to do…

And how could I forget?  On Saturday I caught my first /football match of the trip: A Romanian first division match-up pitting FC Brasov, newly promoted, with one of the several teams from Bucharest.  It was a fun game with Brasov prevailing 1-0 on a goal in stoppage time.  Here’s the link to the match report.  (It’s in Romanian, and I wouldn’t expect you to read it anyway, but it’s more for my future enjoyment I guess.)


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