Grab Your Atlas…

We’re in Shakhrisabz, Uzbekitstan. It’s a small town about 150 km north of the Afghanistan border. Don’t worry Mom – we’re not going any farther south! This is the home town of Amur Timur, a 14th century Uzbek leader. Basically, we’ve found a small quiet town where we could relax and catch up on sleep. However, one thing we haven’t been able to catch up on is email. I tried to log into Facebook the other day and it took 23 minutes. Literally. Needless to say, the slow internet has preventing us from getting onto the blog, so we’ve finally found a dial up connection that works… let’s just hope I stay connected until I finish this short entry!

Tommorow, we head back to the Uzbek capital of Tashkent so we can pick up our passports from the Kyrgyzstan embassy and then we head east so we can use it! We’ll probably be in Kyrgyzstan for about a week, then head north to Kazakhstan for another week. It looks like internet access will be limited and slow, but the word from fellow travelers is that it’s fast in China, so we’ll have a lot of catching up to do and many pictures to upload. Until then, we just wanted to check in with you all and let you know we’re doing well.


One response to “Grab Your Atlas…

  1. Hey Mark (and Cece),
    I’ve been enjoying your reports. Lots of envy over here.

    Below is an update on Tudor Arms first game of the season, last sunday, from Tim Henkle. We needed you to head in a couple corners. I would add to it that we went down 2-0 and came back to tie it up after halftime. Both Tito and Laszlo had 1 on 1’s with the goalie that did not produce. oh well, next time:

    Rough loss, lads. We were clearly the better team, but we had several handicaps. We had eight players to start the game from a roster of 19 players. The low turn-out was due, in part, to having a few guys out of town (Rich, Tito, Adrian, and Andrew), two players out (Tony and Curt) due to injuries, and one missing (Carlos). Tim and Steve G. had to play injured due to the low turn-out. And Marvin, our backup keeper, apparently had a wicked hangover.

    Two of their three goals were utterly lame and the third was slightly lucky. One occurred because Marvin misjudging the bounce (ball could have hit a grass tuft) and sailed over his head. The other was a deep kick behind our defensive line, slightly too far out for Marvin to collect, and slightly beyond my reach and speed. When he did come out, Marvin collided with their player, the ball bounced off one of them(?) and went into the goal. For their last goal, their star forward dribble by Poole, evaded my swipes from behind, and hit a hard shot between Marvin’s legs. Today, the defense was the Bad News Bears.

    Once we fielded a full team and got our rhythm, there were definitely some major bright spots thanks to the midfielders and forwards. Namely, Fred reminded us how valuable he is to our team after missing much of last season. He played an excellent game and kept their defense on their toes. Speaking of an excellent game, Jacko gets the Player of the Game award for his beautiful rocket shot and low knuckle ball, both into the back of the net. And speaking of shots, I counted two legitimate shots against our goal, and about a dozen chances that we had.

    We have a bye next week. Rest up and have a great Labor Day. We’ll see you in two weeks.


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