Kazakhstan, Here We Come

Realizing that our Russian visa expires in three weeks, we’re headed north tomorrow, and expect to spend the night, and maybe a couple of days, in Almaty, Kazakhstan.   Spare us the Borat jokes, please!  Neither of us have seen the movie.  How square we are!


4 responses to “Kazakhstan, Here We Come

  1. Sarah and Tony Everdell

    happy birthday tomorrow CeCe!!!

  2. High five!

    I, too, apologize.

  3. Wow the rain, where is the nearest hair salon, I would be devastated. Watching the sheep, and waterfalls and hot spring baths sound great to me, miss you, office in a tissy, big golf outing Monday, Sept. 8 and another one Sept. 23 Plainfield. We had an Olympic Gold Medal Decathalon Brian Clay visit the school Friday, he is coached by Steve Bienko, so that was exciting. Maria’s sis is pregnant (kathleen & jake), our new grandchild arrived 8/22 Mia Fay, Cynthia is doing well. Keep the blog up, be careful, Love Marguerite

  4. Sexy time!

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    Really loving your last few posts about the mountains.

    You guys are really awesome for doing this and sharing it with all of us.

    We are getting closer to trying to copy your example this winter…

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