Chihuahua Sized Mosquitoes

That’s what we’re looking forward to seeing at Lake Baikal. I’ve seen some monstrous mosquitoes in Maine and Alaska. Hopefully these aren’t much worse. Apparently, DEET isn’t good for you, but I plan on bathing in it for the next week.

So Baikal, here we come! This is definitely one of the highlights of the trip. Lake Baikal is the world’s second largest lake, but it is the world’s oldest and deepest… over 1 mile deep! A few other cool facts: there are fresh water seals in Baikal and it contains 20% of the world’s (unfrozen) fresh water. We’ll be staying on Olkhon Island, the largest island in the Lake at a guest house run by a former ping pong champion. I hope that the endless hours spent loitering at the club in Maine playing ping pong and tether ball will finally benefit me. Keep your fingers crossed that he’ll accept my challenge.

I know I keep saying this, but more pics will be posted soon. Now that we’re out of Central Asia, there’s hope that internet cafes don’t run on dial-up.

Baikal here we come!


2 responses to “Chihuahua Sized Mosquitoes

  1. I am not sure that the mosquitoes will be bothering you there at the lake, as the entire world’s population of mosquitoes have been living in MY backyard the past few months AND eating me alive.

    Should you see one, I would recommend dressing in a Burqa with much Deet strewn about your clothes, hair, and the ground coverage in a 25 foot radius around you. Might work for you! Didn’t for me.

  2. The North shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota has some pretty big mosquitoes also. I remember one time a few years ago, when there were two mosquitoes in my tent. The first said to the second, “Should we eat him here or take him outside?” And the second said “If we eat him outside, the big ones will take him away from us.”


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