Lake Baikal Was Amazing

We’re back in Irkutsk.  I’m tired, and CeCe’s watching “Bridget Jones’s Diary”, so this will be quick.  Baikal was all we expected and more.  We had three days to explore and we saw plenty of things we hadn’t seen before.  It was remote, awe-inspiring and a real treat.    Plus, we made quite a few friends and I helped organize a football/soccer game between some new friends and some approximation of the local youth team.

Tomorrow we’re off by train again to Ulan Ude, Russia to see the world’s largest Lenin head (to add to our collection that includes the world’s largest ball of twine and Holstein cow) and perhaps a Buddhist shrine or two.  On Saturday, we should be in Mongolia.  I can’t believe it.   We’ll keep you posted.  And photos will certainly follow soon.


One response to “Lake Baikal Was Amazing

  1. Tried to insert a wedding photo – Didn’t work. Isn’t it about the
    day? Two years? Hope you are doing something
    special – perhaps sleeping and eating in a more luxurious place! Cheers, Merry

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