Two Favors, Please

We arrived in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia early this morning via a train bound for Beijing.  Since I was little, I’ve always dreamed of visiting, as I figured that any country wedged between the USSR and China must be pretty cool.  And, then there’s Genghis Khan.  It’s stunning to think that a man with a small army and some horses from such a remote place could conquer an empire that they say stretched from Japan to Hungary, from Siberia to India.  Evidently, and appropriately I would say, there’s been a recent boom in Genghis Khan statue-building, but we haven’t seen one yet.  We’ll keep you posted.   We plan to spend a few days here in the capital city in order to apply for our Chinese visa and to plan a few trips into the country.

As we look towards our visit to China, we’d like your help in two ways.  First, we hope one of you has a friend in Beijing who would be willing to host us for a few days.  A friendly face would be a most welcome sight as we arrive in such a large and dynamic city.  Please email us if you can help.

Second, if you’re a member of the community, can you please add us to your list of friends?   We’re going to have to tap into that network in the months ahead and could use your help to augment our profile.  If you search by “Sieffert”, we’re one of only two listings you’ll find.  Thanks!


2 responses to “Two Favors, Please

  1. Check your facebook — I have a friend who lives in China (Beijing) who might be able to help you out!

  2. Ulaanbataar is a huge crossword word. I am so glad to know that such a place exists. Usually it is spelled ulanbator in a crossword.
    Can’t help you with either request. Is there an american catholic or other christian church is the area? They would be glad to see you all. Good luck, Merry

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