What Happened?

When the man who officiated at your marriage in front of God and your family wonders where the heck you are, you probably should explain yourself. No, we haven’t been killed by a belching Kuala Lumpur bus as it careened around one of the hundreds of blind corners in this pedestrian wasteland.   We’ve just been busy.

The budget hotels of Kuala Lumpur (or more accurately, the city’s internet cafes) have been our home for a week now, as we dutifully prepare graduate school applications.  CeCe has two in the pipeline (Clark and Bard) as do I (Wisconsin and Tufts).  Hers are master’s programs in environmental science and policy, mine are programs in agroecology and in agriculture, food and environment respectively.  All are due on January 15.  We are right on track to have them submitted ahead of schedule. (Others will likely follow in February.) Many thanks to CeCe’s sister, our friend Sarah, my mom, and all our proofreaders and recommenders for their help.

We have also been working with our friends Noah and Mo on locating short volunteer opportunities here in Malaysia.  They’ve given us plenty of leads, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

When we can’t take the glare of the computer screen or the shrieks of the pubescent internet gamers any longer, we have ventured out and seen most of the city’s attractions and stuffed as much Indian food in our mouths (with our hands, naturally) as our bloated stomachs will allow.  So far our conviction has held up that there is no such thing as bad Indian food, so long as you don’t get sick.  So far we’ve only felt mildly nauseous from overeating.  At every meal.

I should also add that we had a wonderful Christmas with Mo’s family which we will fill you in on shortly.  But not until we take care some of the more pressing tasks on our lists.

That’s what happened.  Happy  New Year everyone.


One response to “What Happened?

  1. glad you guys are finding time to enjoy some indian food! cece– just wanted to remind you– i went to college at vassar, just up the road from bard, and have a cousin that went to bard for a year, so in case you wanted to chat about that.. good luck with the apps, and keep me posted on your india plans!

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