Uh, Hello?

My mother pointed out yesterday that we haven’t posted since February 25.  Time got away from us I guess.  Not that there’s been all that much to report on.  The last week has been mostly urban, and we’re not really city people, at least not when it comes to traveling.  We find that we argue a lot in cities.  I maintain that it’s because there are so many decisions to make in a city.  When we reach an intersection, we have three choices: go straight, go left, go right.  And sometimes, when all those options are disagreeable, turn around and hail a taxi/tuk-tuk/becak are options #4 and 5.  So disagreements are inevitable.

But that’s not to say we’ve been arguing a lot lately.  We haven’t.  Perhaps our lack of posts simply stems from the fact that traveling is far more routine now, as we finish our eighth month on the road, than it was back in July or August.  I’ll never forget the rush of our first train trip, from Vienna to Olomouc in the Czech Republic.  Now the train serves mostly a way of getting from here to there.   I guess we’re getting a little jaded.  Just a little, mind you.

We’re in Bangkok at the moment and have been for about two days now.  Prior to that we had a day in a half in Jakarta.  To paraphrase my bride, neither place blows our skirts up.  CeCe was under the weather in Jakarta, so we barely left the hotel room.  And, with all the people around, political flags were hard to come by.  I finished with 21 out of 34, by the way.  I mailed them home but now regret it, as I’m sure one of the 10,000 tailors here in Bangkok could have sewed them together nicely.  As it is, I guess I’ll have to take up quilting when I get home.

In Bangkok, we spent day one filling in forms and paying fees at both the Myanmar and Indian embassies.  Today, day two, was mostly spent searching for shade at the Grand Palace complex, Bangkok’s foremost tourist attraction.  It’s sort of Thaliand’s version of Beijing’s Forbidden City, minus the oppressive police presence.  As a lover of brightly colored and ornate architecture, I give it a big thumbs up.  Here are someone else’s photos.

Speaking of photos, CeCe added links to a few photo galleries last week.  Brunei, Singapore, and Vietnam are among the new additions.  We’re sick of lugging our stack of photo CDs around, so we’re hopeful to add a few more in the coming week before we head to Myanmar, an internet backwater.


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