More Pictures

We’re leaving for Myanmar tomorrow, and I wanted to be sure you can still get your Letters To Milo fix since it might be difficult for us to get online for a few weeks. So I’ve added a few more galleries to the website:

  • Gross Food – The original food gallery is getting big and the photos of disgusting foods that Mark eats seem to be my godson’s favorite. Great for the kiddos.
  • Uzbekistan – The hottest place we’ve been so far. And one of the most beautiful.
  • Shanghai & Yunan, China – Amazing places. Quite different from one another, too.
  • White Lake, Mongolia – Our trip to western Mongolia.
  • Ger To Ger, Mongolia – The homestay program with nomadic herders. Check out the pic of me wrestling one of Mongolia’s champion wrestlers. His name is Mr. Bold (means “iron”). I taught him a thing or two.
  • Central Turkey – Only a few pics. I think we accidentally sent the cd’s with our other Turkey photos home already.

Plus, I’ve added to the Siberia, China, Vietnam, Animals and Food galleries.



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