There’s A Festive Parade Going By Outside Right Now

But we have no idea why because almost no one here in Kathmandu talks to us of their own accord unless we’re purchasing something of theirs.  We have averaged about one conversation per day lately.  So we’re leaving. We were about due anyway.  We’ve been in Asia since August 15.

Tonight we fly to Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.   We planned originally to head ASAP to Kenya/Uganda, but I just learned that there’s a camel market outside Abu Dhabi so we may be delayed.   We’ve found all sorts of websites on how to travel through East Africa by car, but nothing yet on how to do it by camel.  I may have to try to talk CeCe out of it.

CeCe shortly will post about our 6 days in the Himalayas and I will report on the missing days sooner or later.  Part of our stay here in Kathmandu was marred by an occurrence of what CeCe’s mom would euphemistically call “Delhi Belly”.  My mom calls it “diarrhea”.   But otherwise, we had a reasonably enjoyable time.

I was about to write that we are thrilled at the thought that we will sleep in Africa tonight.  But then a quick internet search revealed that  the Arabian peninsula is still technically Asia. Argh! Somewhere, CeCe’s geography professor grandfather is smiling down on us.  Almost-Africa it is then.  Talk to you from there.


One response to “There’s A Festive Parade Going By Outside Right Now

  1. I see as I read that its CeCe that is the push behind the good looking guy, she is adventurous wow….and the dehli belly I would have had that months ago, they would have had to send me packin via Virgina Air Lines.
    Received your lovely post card today and showed the Dream Team, we miss you guys, be safe, we love you, Marguerite and the gang at Delbarton

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