We’re Headed Home

Sorry we haven’t had much to say these last few weeks. Actually we have a lot to tell you about, but the internet is nearly non-existent in northern Ethiopia and glacial in Addis Ababa, where find ourselves at the moment. We’ll try to find a fast connection these next few days and post some of our recent adventures.

In the meantime, WE’RE COMING HOME THIS WEEK!!! Air Egypt will deliver us to JFK airport and the waiting arms of my mother on Thursday. This Thursday! Woo hoo! From there we commence a whirlwind tour of the East Coast from Baltimore to Brooksville, Maine and back. And we need to be in Madison, Wisconsin in time for me to start classes at thE University of Wisconsin on August 24. It’s going to be a busy month.

Looking forward to seeing you all,
Mark and CeCe


One response to “We’re Headed Home

  1. We’re excited to soon have you guys back. Thank you for the thoughtful, informative, funny, and thoroughly enthralling posts to Milo — I don’t know if he enjoyed them, but I sure did. We’re looking forward to being closer to you guys than before (Ohio isn’t as far from Wisconsin as Arizona is to Baltimore)… and FYI, if you’ve got one more mini adventure in you, we hope you’ll come back to Tucson one last time for our wedding on Jan 2.

    Welcome home you two!

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