We’re Home, You Knew That

If you were wondering, we’ve flung ourselves up and down and up the East Coast since our return from Ethiopia on July 23. At the moment we’re in Maine enjoying some forced family fun for the week. In less than a fortnight though, we can begin calling ourselves Wisconsinites. Wisconsiners? Wisconsos? Anyway, to make it official, CeCe has vowed to purchase two foam Cheeseheads to mark our arrival: one for her, one for her grandmother who has a mondo crush on Brett Favre. (Who doesn’t?)

In the meantime, we’ve reactivated the photo galleries, so if you’re hankering for a photo of my bride cuddling up to a stuffed camel, you’re in luck. Once we get situated, CeCe has vowed to add even more photos of places we may have overlooked.

And since everyone has asked:  We have had no problems with “re-entry”. There are a few more babies, and everyone else is just a little taller or a little grayer. Or fatter perhaps. That’s it I think.   It’s good to be home.

Thanks to everyone who kept up with our adventure during the 381 days we were gone. It was an honor to have you along with us. Talk to you soon!


2 responses to “We’re Home, You Knew That

  1. Welcome back! Wisconsin — wow! an adventure all its own.

  2. Welcome home!!

    Please lemme know your contact info CeCe. Are you coming back to Baltimore anytime soon? I’d love to buy you guys dinner!
    Lemme know!

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