Home, Sweet Home

After driving 1100 miles over two days, we arrived Saturday night at our new apartment in Madison, WI. I guess this marks the final stop of our trip around the world!

Our travels in the US over the past month seemed to be at the same breakneck speed as the rest of our journey… up and down the east coast between Maine, Boston, NY, NJ, Baltimore and DC two times in three weeks! Sadly, we didn’t get to catch up with all the friends we’d hoped to see, but since we’re finally on the same continent, it’ll be a hell of a lot easier to get in touch with everyone.

Wasting no time, Mark is actually at his first day of classes today. His first course is a week of field trips to local farms ranging from small family-run organic farms to huge confined animal operations. I wish I could tag along, but I’ve got a to-do list a mile long.

Apart from our sore backs, our first 48 hours here have been wonderful. Our apartment is really cute and in a wonderful neighborhood. We’re about 50 yards from one of the many bike paths that crisscross the city, there’s a beautiful park at the end of the block and the lakes are only 4 blocks away! We’ve met some neighbors, all of whom are really friendly, and as a sort of good luck omen, the local cupcakery owner (the shop is just around the corner) randomly stopped by on his way home and seeing us moving stuff out of the moving van, gave us 6 delicious cupcakes as a welcome gift.

I have a feeling we’re going to like it here.


One response to “Home, Sweet Home

  1. you made it! home sweet cupcake

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