The Adventure Resumes – NYC!

Unfortunately, it’s still February.  But not for long!   I’m busting out my backpack for a week in New York beginning on March 27.

For years now I’ve been compiling a mental list of things I want to do in New York City, but for some reason never manage to find time for.  For instance, I’ve never been to the Museum of Television and Radio. I’ve never ridden the Staten Island Ferry.  The Bronx Zoo plays a part in Sieffert family lore, but I haven’t been there since I was six.  Harlem has only left a vague impression. And I’ve never set foot in Queens aside from a long ago trip to Shea Stadium.  I plan to rectify these omissions in one whirlwind week before Easter.

If you’ve read any our letters to Milo during our year abroad, you realize that I’m not interested in the well-worn tourist itinerary.  Circle Line?  No thanks. Museum of Natural History? Some other time.  (To appease my mother, I probably will have to wait in line at TKTS at some point.) What I’m interested in are the only-in-New York kinds of special experiences.  For example, I read recently that there’s an Uzbek community center somewhere in the outer boroughs that serves Central Asian lunches.    There’s old growth forest in the Bronx.  Palm Sunday at a Russian Orthodox church is a strong possibility.  I’ve got a fairly lengthy list going and I’ll share it with you at some point.

At the moment though, I need your input.  What’s your favorite only-in-New York secret?   Where do you turn when you’re looking for something fun to do on Staten Island?  Do you have friends with cool jobs who’d let me tag along for a few hours?  Any free couches? Of course, food factors highly into the planning.  What’s your favorite place to chow down?  Recall in all this that I’m on a grad student budget.  Please email me or post your suggestions below.  Forward this email to anyone who might have some good ideas or connections.

I’ll report back in a few weeks with a tentative itinerary.  If you’re in the area, want to tag along, and have always wanted to eat Korean BBQ off a styrofoam plate somewhere in Queens, I invite you to join me.

(As for CeCe, she’s acting far more sensibly, visiting friends and family between Boston and Baltimore.  Start lobbying her now.   And Milo is checking the references of potential cat sitters.)




One response to “The Adventure Resumes – NYC!

  1. Veselka Restaurant is definetely worth a stop! Old world Ukranian food at it’s best and one of my New York favorites! Maybe Betsy can take care of Milo for a week? LMAO!!!! Just kidding! Hi to all! Rob

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