Getting Ready

It’s time for another trip.

Well, it doesn’t really look like much from the map…

But it’s going to be pretty incredible.

In June, I leave for China, to work in the Wolong Giant Panda Reserve:

Ailuropoda melanoleuca, The Giant Panda

I will work with farmers in the small villages in the heart of the Wolong Reserve to establish native plant nurseries which will supply the plant stock for panda habitat restoration projects. We hope to lease the land from farmers and to employ villagers to work in the nurseries. Perhaps more importantly, we hope to learn from the villagers about the Reserve so that their local knowledge insures success in the project.

Since the May 2008 8.0 earthquake that devastated vast areas of the Sichuan province, tourism has all but vanished. People are struggling to feed their families and conservation has understandably languished.

This project’s ultimate goal is endangered species conservation through poverty alleviation initiatives. It will be an important learning experience for me personally as I wrap up my graduate school tenure and transition into a career of wildlife conservation.

Just as we did for our previous trip, Mark and I hope to post regularly. We look forward to sharing it with you.


3 responses to “Getting Ready

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  2. Aunt Rosemary

    Praying that your preparations go smoothly and that you have a tremendous experience in China just like you did with your previous travels around the world. I can hardly wait to read your blog entries again from a trip because they were great last time. When are you leaving and will we see you on the east coast before you leave? Hope so! Love you both! Aunt Rosemary

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