One Month in China

We’re in China and have been since August 2.  Over the next few days we’ll catch you up on where we’ve been, who we’ve met and what we’ve seen.  At the moment we’re settling into Weining, Guizhou, a small city on the edge of Cao Hai Lake, where we’ll spend much of the next three months.  CeCe has an internship with the International Crane Foundation.  And since there’s little else to do here, so do I, I guess.   Our next post will expand on why we’re here..  In the meantime, here are some photos from the first month of our latest adventure.

Shanghai was smoggy and the glare was intense. Thus, this photo from the antiques market is our only one worth sharing at the moment. Thanks to Jacob, Sandy and family for hosting us.

Face to face with a terra cotta warrior in Xi'an.

Kung fu fighting on the streets of Xi'an.

Inside a temple on Emei Shan, one of Chinese Buddhism's holiest sites.

Offerings at one of the many temples we visited.

At the summit of Emei Shan.

A six-tusked elephant and rider.

Qingyin Monastery on Emei Shan.

The Giant Buddha of Leshan, 71 meters tall.

I think this is the only photo in this set that I'm responsible for.

We stayed an extra day to find the Chairman Mao Badge Museum. No luck. But we did find the new Ebony Museum. More on that later.

We are a long way from home.


2 responses to “One Month in China

  1. Great pics! Keep posting and letting us know what you are up to. Love you both! Aunt Rosemary and Uncle Bob ❤

  2. I love that at the end of your pictures there was a picture of 2 kids with colorful backpacks from potterybarn. The pictures look great—keep updating! love you two.

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