Viral Marketing, Weining Style

This morning the sounds of a Chinese percussion band (drums and lots cymbals) swept into our apartment.  We rushed out of our apartment, down the stairs and into the street, camera in hand.  We hoped for a street festival.  Instead we found this:

Two columns of Chinese retirees in matching red  or pink satin pant suits, leisurely marching and banging away on their drums and cymbals.  No it wasn’t a religious ritual or a family ceremony.  Rather it was viral marketing, Chinese style.

A fancy new high rise development in Guiyang, the faraway provincial capital, is under construction.  For some reason, the builders want the people of Weining to know about it.  And for some reason, this is how they’ve chosen to communicate.  It’s as if Donald Trump hired a bunch of long-retired Atlantic City showgirls to advertise his new building, and sent them on a road trip to places like Buffalo, Schenectady, and Geneva.

It appears that this troupe of musicians is frequently booked in Weining.  Last week it was to promote a restaurant.  This week, a Guiyang development.   Accordingly, the little parade received scant attention from passers-by.  Rather, if the photo below is any indication, it was the statuesque redhead snapping photos that was the real attention-getter.


3 responses to “Viral Marketing, Weining Style

  1. I think I need to get something like this going for the farmers’ market!

  2. I agree that our statuesque pretty redhead probably got all of the attention! What a contrast to our American way of advertising. Thanks for posting. We are enjoying your blog! Love you!

  3. Fun!! I guess I should look into doing something like this here!!!

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