CeCe’s Birthday in Photos

You’ve read about the first third of CeCe’s birthday weekend already.  Here are photos from all three days of the extravaganza.  I’ll post separately on the Ethnic Minority Games.

The formal photo following our meeting at the school in Liupanshui. The children participated in the meeting and told us about their environmental activities. I'm in the middle simply because I'm tall.

CeCe wins big at mahjong! This is perhaps my all-time favorite photo of CeCe.

Business luncheon, Chinese style.

A stop on our whirlwind tour of Liupanshui.

The birthday girl traveling in style in the Liupanshui train station's VIP lounge.

'Pearl ball', essentially basketball with the basket replaced by a player holding a fishing net and guarded by two men with over-sized ping pong paddles.

Volunteers, dressed in Good Humor ice cream salesman uniforms, greeted us wherever we went. This volunteer, Catherine, attended the University of Wisconsin last year.

A temple on the river in Guiyang.

'Shuttlecock', pretty much badminton played with your feet. This gent is serving.

'Bamboo drift alone'. We applauded the winners. The Chinese seemed only to cheer whenever someone fell in.

The weekend ended with a ethnic minority dance competition. The two-men dragons were our favorites. We stole a costume to use next Halloween. The debate rages as to who gets to wear the head.


2 responses to “CeCe’s Birthday in Photos

  1. Wonderful, Awesome, Sparkling, Amazing,…..Some Birthday! Do yo think ‘Bamboo-Drift-Along’ could be incorporated into the Regatta Weekend next summer? I really am amazed at Shuttlecock. CMPC

  2. Awesome! An amazing birthday. Merry

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