24 Hours in Myanmar

Boy do we love it here. So far, in our 24 hours on the ground we’ve:

  • Befriended the Myanmar women’s basketball team.
  • Lost $100 while being pressured by a pot-bellied Malaysian money changer in a white undershirt.  Then, five frantic minutes later, we had that $100 returned to us.
  • Enjoyed a few quiet moments with a 72-year old nun (and also a mother of five) at Shwedagon Pagoda.  Shwedagon is as close as heaven gets to earth.
  • Toyed with starting a fair trade lacquerware business.
  • Met Emma Thompson.  Apparently she thinks I’m ‘fabulous’. CeCe got an affectionate hug.
  • Broke our camera in the one of the word’s most stunningly beautiful counties.  Myanmar is also one of the few countries without a licensed Canon repair shop.  But, the English-born photographer trailing Ms. Thompson knew everything there is to know about cameras in Yangon.  Thanks Chris!  In lieu of photos from us, here is his website: www.christopherdavy.com

How was your weekend?


3 responses to “24 Hours in Myanmar

  1. Last weekend Uncle Bob and I were in Washington, D.C. visiting with Mike, Kathleen, Carolyn, and Justin as well as with Kelli and Jim Ambroso (Mike’s parents) who were in from San Diego for a visit. We took a 2 1/2 moonlight tour of the monuments and spent the another day walking the grounds of Mt. Vernon, George Washington’s home. We also got fingerprinted in D.C. for criminal background checks because Mike and Kathleen are going to be foster parents soon, so we had to get investigated as well.. Don’t know if I told you, but they are going to take one or two children foster kids between ages of 5-12 years of age (two if there are same sex siblings). We are excited to be foster grandparents soon. 🙂
    The weekend before, we took our 2006 used pop-up camper we just bought out for its “maiden voyage” northwest of here. It was pretty cold up in the mts., but the furnace in the pop-up kept it warm enough at night to tolerate fall camping. I landed an 18 inch fish from the pond at the campground, but alas it snapped the line (and almost took the rod in as well) just as Bob and I got it to shore. Alas, no picture of my trophy fish was able to be had!
    Glad you are having a great trip. We are enjoying your blog! Keep the posts and pics coming! xxoo
    Aunt Rosemary

  2. My weekend couldn’t compare to yours!!

  3. Gosh, nothing as awesome as that!
    I’m bummed that your camera broke. I hope you get it fixed soon.

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