Since Last We Left You…

A whirlwind swing around Myanmar. A valedictory journey through southwestern China. An immensely pleasurable long weekend in Hong Kong. Kung fu fighting in Shanghai.  CeCe’s successful master’s presentation and an encore performance before the big wigs at ICF.  Graduation!   A tearful reunion with Milo.

In late December, we closed the door on the Wisconsin phase of our lives and returned to Baltimore.  We really do love it here.  Thanks to my in-laws for putting us up and for putting up with me.

And the start of 2012 marked the official beginning of our job searches in our chosen fields.  For me, my interests lie in what many would call sustainable agriculture.  I want to help people increase and secure their access to healthy food or improve their agricultural environments. There’s an increasingly pressing need for that both here and abroad.

CeCe’s dual passions are conservation biology and fair trade.   Perhaps, both together.  To help secure the futures of threatened species, one needs to secure the futures of the people living near those animals. Or, I can envision her as the CEO of a zoo someday.

I’ve been telling everyone that it feels good to network among professionals whose career passions so closely match our own.  It’s not always been that way and we feel lucky to have this opportunity to change gears at the ripe old age of 34.

But when we left Baltimore in 2008, I was still an educational fundraiser with an unruly garden and CeCe was a landscape designer with an ever-growing soft spot for charismatic megafauna.  Thus, we don’t have the professional networks we’d like to possess.

So we turn to you: do you have friends working in our fields in Baltimore or Washington, DC that might be willing to speak with us?  It’s those connections that will allow us to learn what’s out there. Help us answer the daunting question of what we’re actually qualified to do.

Please reach out.  Thanks!


5 responses to “Since Last We Left You…

  1. Call me at 410-404-7220. I was very active in the Baltimore urban ag field until December 2010 and am pretty well networked in Baltimore and abroad. (GFS ’93)

  2. Hurray for both of you! Congratulations, and all that good stuff. Not sure I can help in the job area, but I’ll keep thinking about someone I might know who could.
    Much love,

  3. Amen to both of the above. The Garden Club of America is having its National Affairs and Legislation Conference in DC at the end of Feb. If Cece can attend, you might find people who would be interested in your skills. I know that there is at least one organization devoted to preserving the Bay. I’ll keep looking among my conservation friends, Merry

  4. Danielle Harrell

    Congratulations on finishing your degrees! You guys look great and I’m glad you’ve so generously shared your adventures with me.

    If I think of anyone even closely related to one of your fields, I’ll let you know. If you choose to do some fundraising work-even just part-time-I might be able to help you. Let me know if that’s of interest.

    -Danielle (Bisous from France)

  5. At first brush, career-wise, we have none of those connections but I will keep thinking. You guys are the best!! Your enthusiasm for your new-found passions is contagious and we wish you the very, very best and know you will land on you feet and very soon. LOVE the picture and congratulations to you both. Hope to see you soon. Love, Uncle Al and
    Aunt Geri

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