We’re Washingtonians

Actually we’re in Arlington, Virginia.  And, yes, we’re still looking for work.

Before we go any further, we continue to need your help.  If you have friends in the Washington area with work experience or contacts in international development, please introduce us. CeCe’s interests and degree are in international endangered species conservation. My interests are also international. I am focused on finding ways to connect small farmers to the resources they need to innovate and increase the sustainability of their enterprises.

You can find our resumes and more specifics on our skills and interests on this site now. CeCe’s is here and mine is here.

That we’re still part of the 8.1% is no surprise really.  Expecting each of us to find the dream job in a new field in a new city in a few short weeks was too tall and order.  Rather, we’ve spent much of the last few months seeking clarity and industry knowledge, building networks and, yes, interviewing some. We’ve even turned down some offers.

Given that, as of mid-December, we were living in China and hadn’t looked at our resumes in months, I think we’ve made good progress.  CeCe has contacts in seemingly every conservation organization in town that specializes in endangered megafauna. I’ve been a regular participant in international agriculture seminars all over the District and have met many people who have been wildly helpful.

We’ve also volunteered a good bit.  CeCe’s two mentoring sessions away from certification as a docent at the Baltimore Zoo.  She also been busy working in the office there helping the zoo’s administration prepare for their next Association of Zoos and Aquariums accreditation.  I’ve rekindled my relationship with Baltimore’s awe-inspiring community center, Paul’s Place.  I’ve tutored and monitored the computer lab.  We’ve also helped CeCe’s parents complete their move.  And yet again I have planted a garden miles and miles from my current abode.

We’re in Alexandria for the first two weeks in May, hosted yet again by CeCe’s ever-generous and conscientious cousin Celeste.  Three cheers for Celeste!  And later in the month we migrate to Tacoma Park.  More on that later.

So, we’re more than getting by.  The coming week should be our busiest yet as it’s chock full of volunteer obligations, meetings, interviews and lectures.  We’re getting there!


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