One Down, One To Go

A quick update: I’m working at last.  In mid-May I accepted an offer for a three-month contract at Winrock International, one of the oldest and most respected international development non-profits in Washington.  I’m  toiling for their Enterprise and Agriculture unit, a branch of the organization that applies for grants from USAID to implement food and nutrition programs globally.  I’m currently working as part of a team applying for $20 million that USAID has allocated for Nepal.  Next comes a similar one for Bangladesh.

It’s a logical transition point for me.  In many ways it’s fundraising, using the skills I picked up over the past 10+ years in educational settings.   And there’s the promise of doing more of what I’m truly interested in: agricultural project implementation, in Indonesia and in Nepal to start.

CeCe continues to fight the good fight.  Everyone she meets with tells her she’s chosen a tough career path, but that she’s doing all the right things and that it’s just a matter of time. She’s getting there.


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