Favorite Things

Here’s a list of some of our favorite things from the trip…

Favorite Restaurants
1) Vega Bar, Krakow, Poland
2) Goreme Restaurant, Goreme, Turkey
Favorite Hostels
1) Poet’s Corner, Olomouc, Czech Rep.
2) Traveller’s Inn, Krakow, Poland
3) Hostel Ruthensteiner, Vienna, Austria

3 responses to “Favorite Things

  1. Merry Penfield

    I can’t imagine vowing to take care of any of the Carters. Foolish move, Mark! They are too independent and too bright.
    This last Burma letter is really interesting. I can relate better than to some of your other side trips. You seem really good at finding guides. Hurry home, Love, Merry

  2. What fun to read about Indonesia as it becomes mud season here. Still up to 2 feet of snow on the garden so the tropics sound very inviting. Look forward to having you back someday. Congratulations on Bard. Much love, Nancy

  3. Love your letters. They are the highlight of the rainy days we are having here. Last night, the Commodore’s cocktail, awesome. Tonight the box supper; the penultimate races and tomorrow, weather permitting, a picnic on Fiddlehead. Love, Merry

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