Pictures of Milo

Milo Relaxing


10 responses to “Pictures of Milo

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  2. Dear CeCe and Mark, Gm and I just went through all the posts so far. We put the picts on the TV so GM could see them. Wow! We still have big problems in the drought. I’d love some of that lake water here. Our local lake is only 25 feet deep and is 11 feet down. Boat ramps are high and dry and those boats that were not hauled are sitting stuck in the dry mud… and the owners have to continue to pay slip fees! I continue to work on my Ensign, doing the bright work for the splash rails and seats. Maybe I have to wait till you return to launch it. It sounds like you are having a wonderful experience. Now That I have found you again, I’ll share it regularly with GM. She still knows who you are but she is fading fast now. Love, Auntie Anne

  3. hi , i can’t miss u

  4. I can’t wait to see him again. I come to this page often when I miss him. Which is all the time.

  5. Hi Milo….

  6. Have you read The Cat Who Went to Paris about a Scottish fold?

  7. I miss playing catch with Milo!

  8. I am normally not a cat person but Milo looks like one awesome fellow. He has great character.

  9. Yes, he thinks so too.

  10. wow. he’s so pretty.

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