We’re working on recreating the galleries and will be sure to post pics ASAP!


18 responses to “Galleries

  1. George from Soccer


    Good to see you back at soccer in Baltimore a couple Saturdays ago. Although I had read the e-mails as they came in, I just checked out the pictures in the gallery that you told me about–they are great. If and when you get back to Baltimore on break from Wisconsin let me know as I would like to hear more about your trip over a beer and burger.

    George Patton (Tudor Arms Soccer)

  2. Mark and Cece,

    Since you are back in b-more, I hope you have time to visit your neighbors–us!



  3. Mark and Cece,

    Congrats on your trip. Boy, my adventure was shit compared to the level of sophisitcation you bring to this endeavour.

    We miss you in the neighborhood and hope you come back here after you lose your “travlin’ Jones.” But do you ever really lose it?

    Keep in touch! Let me know what I can send you. I particularly liked books–Sommerset Maughm is great when traveling.

    Your friend,

    Topher Russo

  4. Just spent some time on your site, sweetheart! You are too funny. Love and miss you. Travel safely!! xoxox

  5. what was that hanging thing? pterodactyl? i hope it was as good as it looked!

  6. OMG that food in the gross food section is REALLY GROSS. Did Mark really eat all those bugs and reptiles and rats??? And what is the large sliced in half fish like thing with spikes coming out the side

  7. Just finished looking through your newest batch of photos and they are GLORIOUS……Made my day brighter just by looking at them! Have fun!!!

  8. hiii…..

  9. hallo.. what’s up?

    it’s me rudy fromm tenggarong

    how do you do?

    do u remember me?

  10. Hi, I am in Maine the land of 20″of snow and beutiful views. I just looked at your travels WOW what a trip you are having. I stay tuned often. love to you both, Lucy!!

  11. I want to go to southern Laos. Send more pictures!!!

  12. Yes, that was a rodent…. grilled rat, nicely filleted on a stick. The other pics from that day were the two treats wrapped in banana leaves – one had deep fried bugs in it, the other had ant eggs. MARK ATE BOTH!

  13. Awesome pics!! Hannah & Meggie especially loved the ones of Aunt Cece w/ the cast of animals:) We all were a little nervous about that enormous black insect – was it? Missing you guys. xxoo

  14. the boys like the donuts better than the things with tails 🙂
    but they got a chorus of “eeewwwww” which is a winner in my book!!

  15. food food. it looks good mouth started watering. thing looked like rodent? hmmm.

  16. Hey you guys! It’s such a (vicarious) pleasure tracking your travels–your photos are marvelous! My BFF in Sydney says come on down! Here’s her contact info:
    Tracey Greenberg
    8 Burbong St
    Kingsford, NSW 2032
    ph 29314 1185
    She’s great, you’ll love her, and she you. Kisses!

  17. i hope you guys are planning on turning all of this into a novel (with pics) when you return– or at least a guidebook! we’ve loved keeping up with your travels– and i’ve been reminiscing about my treks through thai villages reading about your thanksgiving in laos. enjoy every moment!

  18. Loved the pictures from Siberia! The one with the cat was the best! Love you too!

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