Map & Itinerary

Map – CHINA 2011:


MAP – 2008-2009:


ITINERARY (so far…)

July ’08 London, England (8 days)
Salzburg, Austria (2 day)
Vienna, Austria (2 days)
Olomouc, Czech Republic (3 days)
Krakow, Poland & Auschwitz Concentration Camp (3 days)
Brasov, Romania (2 days)
Sinaia, Romania (1 day)
Bucharest, Romania (1 day)
Aug ’08 Istanbul, Turkey (5 days)
Goreme, Turkey (6 days)
Egirdir, Turkey (2 days)
Riga, Latvia (6 hours)
Tashkent, Uzbekistan (5 days)
Samarkand, Uzbekistan (3 days)
Bukara, Uzbekistan (2 days)
Shakrisyabz, Uzbekistan (2 days)
Osh, Kyrgyzstan (2 days)
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (1 day)
Kazakhstan (4 days)
Sept ’08 Trans-Siberian Railroad (3 days)
Irkstuk, Russia (1 days)
Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia (4 days)
Ulan Ude, Russia (1 day)
Ulan Baatar, Mongolia (4 days)
Oct ’08 Beijing, China (10 days)
Shanghai, China (4 days)
Kunming, China (2 days)
Shilin, China (1 day)
Dali, China (3 days)
Lijang, China (4 days)
Border of China-Vietnam (3 long hours)
Nov ’08 Sapa, Vietnam (5 days)
Hanoi, Vietnam (3 days)
Halong Bay, Vietnam (4 days)
Cuc Phuong NP, Vietnam (3 days)
Hue, Vietnam (1 day)
Savannakhet, Laos (10 days)
Dec ’08 Pakse, Laos (3 days)
Champasak, Laos (1 day)
Phenom Penh, Cambodia (5 days)
Siem Reap, Cambodia, (4 days)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (12 days)
Penang Island, Malaysia (4 days)
Jan ’09 Pangkor Island, Malaysia (3 days)
Cameron Highlands, Malaysia (2 days)
Melacca, Malaysia (2 days)
Singapore (5 days)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1 day)
Bandar Seri Bagawan, Brunei (3 days)
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia (2 days)
Sandakan, Malaysia (3 days)
Feb ’09 Kinabatangan River, Malaysia (10 days)
Bali, Indonesia (5 days)
Bondowoso, Indonesia (2 days)
Surakarta, Indonesia (3 days)
Yogyakarta, Indonesia (5 days)
Mar ’09 Jakarta, Indonesia (2 days)
Bangkok, Thailand (3 days)
Kanchanaburi, Thailand (2 days)
Ayuthaya, Thailand (2 days)
Bangkok, Thailand (3 days)
Rangoon, Myanmar (3 days)
Bago, Myanmar (1 day)
Kalaw, Myanmar (2 days)
Inle Lake, Myanmar (5 days)
Mandalay, Myanmar (3 days)
Bagan, Myanmar (4 days)
Apr ’09 Bangkok, Thailand (1 day)
Kolkata, India (3 days)
Sunderbans, India (2 days)
Kolkata, India (1 day)
Bodhgaya, India (2 days)
Varanasi, India (4 days)
Lumbini, Nepal (2 days)
Pokhara, Nepal (7 days)
Annapurna Trek, Nepal (6 days)
Pokhara, Nepal (1 day)
May ’09 Kathmandu, Nepal (10 days)
Dubai, UAE (2 days)

Of course, this will change as things progress! We’re open for suggestions, too!


9 responses to “Map & Itinerary

  1. it is great to hear your trip because it is interesting trip for me

  2. where are you and how are you?

  3. hiii… mark

  4. Hi CeCe and Mark, Your wanderings are fabulous. We wish you a happy Thanksgiving wherever you are. Please be careful. Your story about the guy lifting $20.00 out of CeCe’s purse was sooo scary. Be safe. Love from the Canons.

  5. hey guys– have been meaning to write for quite some time.. miss being close, but sounds like you’re having a great time and we’ve been keeping up (and envying) your adventures.. travel bug definitely setting in strong… let me know a few weeks before you head to india and with dates for your itinerary so i can contact family if you still need places to stay. also, other news– by the time you come back ashni will have a ‘lil sib!
    veena, nate, and ashni (ps- note the new email addy)

  6. Hi CeCe and Mark, I stumbled across you site when I was looking for Lawrenceville Alums. I think your itinerary looks great. Remember to spend time in the Banyna’s at Lake Baikal, (especially if you missed the Hamums in Turkey). Also remember to bring gifts for the kids in the Ger’s in Mongolia. UlanBatur has wonderful internet… but pick the horse without the wooden saddle when wandering the stepps.


  7. Hey CeCe and Mark. Sounds like you’re having some very interesting and exciting experiences! Don’t forget the Cardinal Rule: Stay away from drunken Ruskies! Have a great time and keep safe.


  8. Hi Mark and CeCe,

    Sounds as though you are having a great trip — enjoy, enjoy!


  9. Mark, CeCe – glad to see and hear you’re having a great trip! Look forward to the posts from Russia and China! Be sure to stop at the Turkish Baths for a massage! I’ve heard they’re the real deal.


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